Ingrid DIY Security System Shipping

The new company's security suite is available and can be set up in under 90 minutes.


InGrid provides professional 24/7 monitoring and interaction via Guardian Protection Services

Back in January, somewhere in the sea of CES (the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, which yields many new products), we learned of a little company called Ingrid. They were touting a professionally monitored, self-install security system. It wasn’t just a tease; the Digital Home Protection is now shipping.

Rare is such a product that satisfies both the do-it-yourselfers and the crowd that wants to “set it and forget it.” This system is easy enough to install on your own, but you’ll need to pony up $30 a month for the watchful eye of Guardian Protection Services.

Other features include the ability to peek in and access the system through the web, as well as set up email and cell phone alerts.

The whole setup is available now, but InGrid is also interested in partnering with broadband provides to license the system and service.

The Basic Kit ($199) is designed for 1,500-square-foot homes. For 2,500 square feet, add another $100. Each includes items such as compatible cordless phone, keychain remotes, and more. Both are available now for on InGrid’s website.


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