InGrid Delves Into Digital Home Protection

Secure digital technology promise to make traditional analog security systems seem obsolete.


InGrid just unveiled the first digital home protection products available for distribution through broadband providers. Digital home protection promises to solve many of the major shortcomings of analog security systems, such as false alarms, short battery life, and high vulnerability to intruders.

Using wireless technologies, InGrid creates an invisible grid of security throughout the entire home, offering protection and control without extensive installation costs. InGrid’s protection network is comprised of a portable handset and broadband-enabled base station that communicates with wireless self-adhering window and door sensors that immediately report any change in activity you choose to monitor. Broadband integration keeps the system always on and always connected to its monitoring service, and all components can plug into one or more telephone jacks for back-up if broadband service is interrupted.

View more of our CES special coverage InGrid provides a complete suite of services that enhance your control, including a portable handset that also functions as a cordless digital phone, system consoles and web-based access through a PC or mobile phone. InGrid enables users to customize their home protection system and have complete control over several monitoring options through their personal web portal.

InGrid’s Home Connect service allows customers to link their Digital Home Protection system together with the homes of families and friends to expand protection beyond the walls of your home. This service provides both status notifications and control capabilities of remote systems, allowing you to monitor other properties, such as vacation homes.

InGrid’s Digital Home Protection system was recently selected by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) as an Honoree for the CES Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards.

  • System includes handset, broadband-enabled base & sensors
  • Handset doubles as a phone
  • Always on, always connected

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