InGrid Adds to Wireless Security Line

Now you can add siren detectors, cell backup, cameras, temperature sensors and flood detectors to your setup.

InGrid Basic System

The new add-ons are designed to work with InGrid's existing security setup.

Want to give your home security setup a boost? InGrid has plenty of add-ons for that Fort Knox feel.

Starting in July, the company will offer siren detectors, cell phone backup capabilities, cameras, temperature sensors and flood detectors. Each of the new products is designed to work with InGrid Home Security, an all-digital, wireless home security system.

The Siren Detector hooks to any existing smoke and fire detectors. Then when the smoke detectors go off, a signal is sent to the InGrid system, which in turn sends a signal to a professional monitoring center. It can also keep tabs on carbon monoxide levels.

A Cellular Gateway provides cell phone backup for sending messages to central monitoring. Using a GSM/GPRS infrastructure, you have a guaranteed connection to the professional monitoring center. Expect to pay a monthly fee for that peace of mind, though.

The HomeView Camera allows users to peek in on their homes, via any web browser. Set the unit up to take and store still images or video in real-time, or trigger it to capture certain events. The setup supports up to four cameras. Live video access and triggers come with a monthly fee.

The Temperature Sensor & Flood Detector will monitor environmental conditions, including water and unsafe temperatures. No more “surprises” like a flooded basement or broken air conditioner.

Finally, the Mobile My InGrid feature will allow users to access their InGrid system from any web-enabled mobile phone.

“Our new products further demonstrate our commitment to the reinvention of home security for how people really live,” said Louis Stilp, InGrid CEO.


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