iLuv mySight Wireless Home Security Cameras Could Be the Nest Cam’s Twin

These wireless home security cameras allow you to monitor the home from anywhere with a web connection.

iLuv mySight Wireless Home Security Cameras

One day before the announcement of the Nest Cam, iLuv introduced mySight wireless home security cameras. The two are strangely similar, don’t you think?

They have an identical appearance, with the exception of that stand/stem. Inspired by a wine glass (no joke!), the iLuv one is slightly slimmer, but still allows these wireless home security cameras to be placed on a shelf or mounted to the wall. Another difference in appearance is that the Nest Cam promises 1080p video, while the mySight does a very respectable 720p.

And while this camera doesn’t have any sort of Nest integration or any love for other smart devices around the home, it does offer free cloud storage. This means that mySight users can tap into footage for up to 30 days. It even offers video downloads, clip creation and the ability to share content.

Like most WiFi security camera options, this one does have its own app. The free iOS and Android mySight apps deliver live streaming from almost anywhere. Of course, you can also access that peek through any device with a web browser.

Other features include two-way audio, a 4x digital zoom, a 120-degree field of vision, motion and sound alerts, and infrared night vision. The mySight can even be customized to tap into motion in specific areas.

“We’re very excited to introduce mySight, our very first WiFi video camera,” said William Otte, senior vice president of sales and marketing at iLuv. “Although markedly different from our previous products, mySight nevertheless aligns with our core mission of enhancing consumers’ lifestyles through intelligent design and value-added technology. With mySight, consumers can essentially be in two places at once, allowing them to keep track of their homes, families, pets, or businesses.”

Another difference between this camera and the Nest Cam? This one is priced lower. Look for iLuv mySight wireless home security cameras now, with an MSRP of $149.99 each. Available on Amazon.

  • Paul Binder

    Nest Cam is probably worth $50 bucks more since it has 1080 video, and integration with Nest app. Have two Nest therms, and four smokes, so nice to have everything in one App! Too bad Nest sold their soul to the Google…

    • Rachel Cericola

      I had bad luck with a 720p camera, but would love to see what this one looks like in person. But yeah… 1080 is nice!


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