iControl Launches New Security Option

Monitronics will be the first to offer security subscribers Home Security 2.0's broadband and remote access.


iControl sells a few starter packages, which include sensors, cameras, and other items to get your security system started.

Would your neighbors call the police if they saw something suspicious? I’m not even sure mine would make a move if my house was on fire. Instead of relying on others, I like to take matters into my own hands — especially when it comes to security.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t walk around with a baseball bat, but I can make my own calls.

Instead of holing yourself up to hermit status, iControl has come up with a way to leave your house and keep an eye on it too. The company’s new Home Security 2.0 solution allows users to peek in on homes, businesses, bushes, or anywhere else you want to set up cameras, via any web browser or cell phone.

The iControl gateway is easy to add onto a home network, but you’ve got to have a GE Home Security system. From there, you can hook up cameras, lamp modules, thermostats, and more. Add the Home Security 2.0, and you can access different systems or just kick back and watch live video. The system can also be set up to alert you via text message or email if something out-of-the-ordinary happens (or doesn’t).

Monitronics will be the first to offer its clients the Home Security 2.0 solution. That way, you can keep an eye on them too.

iControl sells different starter kits, which include cameras, sensors, software, and more. There’s no word on what will come with the version that will be available from Monitronics.


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