Honeywell Debuts Self-Contained Security System

Honeywell's LYNX Touch 5100 features WiFi and 4G support.


Honeywell is packing some consumer-friendly features into its newest LYNX Touch self-contained security system. According to the company, the new LYNX Touch 5100 is the first to offer WiFi as well as 4G support.

Those two perks will make this solution a lot simpler to install and service. It’s certainly easier on your local installer, but it should also be a little easier on your budget as well.

Users can also opt to add a fancy Android tablet, which comes preloaded with a LYNX Touch 5100 app for mobile control. According to Honeywell, this option is limited to the user’s WiFi coverage area. So instead of access across the country, you can get it across the house or maybe even out in the yard.

The LYNX Touch 5100 also plays nicely with plenty of Z-Wave products, so users should be able to add thermostats, locks and lighting into the mix.

“The new LYNX Touch truly represents what today’s homeowners expect from a security system — it’s easy to use, it’s fast to install, it has the broadest breadth of communication options and it can do a lot more than just security,” said Rob Puric, director of product management for Honeywell Security & Communications. “Homeowners value lifestyle just as much as life safety, and Honeywell has decades of experience providing both. This technology combines those capabilities and provides an affordable way to create a connected home.”

The LYNX Touch 5100 is currently available in limited quantities. Honeywell expects the product to go wide this June.


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