Honeywell Adds Indoor Camera to Total Connect Line

The new low-light iPCAM-WL is perfect for those dimly lit spaces around the home.

If you want to set up a whole-house security system, you need to get into the nooks and crannies. However, some of those dimly lit spaces don’t show up so well on a security camera. For those spots, Honeywell has the iPCAM-WL.

The iPCAM-WL is a new indoor IP camera designed to work in low-light conditions. It does that via night vision and light sensors, as well as a wired or wireless web connection. Once set up, the camera can capture clear, high-quality video and uses H.264 high-compression technology to sharpen up the image.

“A camera’s performance in dark indoor areas has become increasingly important in both residential and commercial settings,” said Dean Mason, senior communications product manager at Honeywell. “The iPCAM-WL is an excellent way for consumers to visually identify activity in poorly lit environments at the site of an alarm event–even if they’re miles away. That can bring a great sense of comfort to the home and business owner, and an increased sense of loyalty to their provider.”

Designed to work with Honeywell Total Connect video services, the camera is compact and easy to install. It’s also available now via security dealers across North America.

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