Honestech Launches MY-IPTV & CAM Anywhere

Product provides access to favorite TV shows and video surveillance from anywhere in the world.


In love with your local weatherman? Maybe that’s just me, but if you’re a fan of what you’re most familiar with, Honest Technology, Inc., has the MY-IPTV & CAM Anywhere. This new product allows users to access and view their favorite hometown television programs from anywhere in the world where broadband Web service is available.

If you’re not ready to admit that you are that addicted to TV (there’s no shame!), you can also use the device to tap into your home’s video surveillance systems. The two software technologies are combined in one single MY-IPBOX.

MY-IPTV Anywhere delivers your hometown TV via built-in MPEG-4 compression software technology.

The MY-IPCAM Anywhere uses Honestech’s personal surveillance system, enabling the user’s personal computer to become a surveillance system that detects motion and provides a live feed or records video that is then available to the user. The product includes a PC camera (but it controls up to three), send email notices to specified email accounts, schedule monitoring time, and record and burn surveillance videos in MPEG format.

  • Delivers video in MPEG-4
  • Includes USB 2.0 TV/Video Capture Device, PC Camera & MY-IPBOX

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