Heavenly Safe Haven

Phase two of this 10,000-square-foot project added peace of mind without taking away from the greatness of the outside surroundings.


Photo by Bryan Hughes

After installing nice audio/video, lighting and HVAC systems, powered through a Crestron controller, these homeowners wanted to get serious about safety. The location is remote, but they wanted to make sure it wouldn’t seem that way in case they needed to call for help.

With the homeowners’ desire for automation in mind, the installer created a thorough interior and exterior security plan. The trick was to add peace of mind without disturbing the peace of the 17 acres surrounding the property.

To protect this three-residence estate, the installer linked each of the buildings via a gigabit fiber-optic network. Then begins the fun, thanks to two layers of security.

The first is designed to keep the critters at bay. Carefully placed motion detectors are triggered via a Crestron processor. If one is tripped, Lutron lights will flash just before a 28-zone high-pressure sprinkler system flushes out those potential predators. After all, there can’t be peace if there are midnight catfights.

Next, motion- and pressure-sensitive devices trigger, via a Crestron processor, for any series of events, which were determined by the homeowner. It could be anything from specific chimes signifying a specific event, which could also set off a DVR and up to three dozen cameras, which can all be viewed on Crestron touchpanels or plasma displays around the house. Hello!

Numerous other precautions have been taken, including off-site storage of the camera and event info. This security plan just scratches the surface; the installer couldn’t give away all of the home’s secrets!


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