Hawking Announces Plug and Play Remote Monitoring

HomeRemote Pro system allows users to view and access home controls from any web browser.


There are various levels of service for the HomeRemote Pro, ranging from free to $10 a month.

Last year, Hawking unveiled its HomeRemote monitoring system; now they’re ready to go pro. The company just announced the release of HomeRemote Pro, which allows consumers to use HomeRemote modules and accessories to monitor, control and secure home systems from any web browser.

Why go Pro? Z-Wave support and customization features allow you to pull control of lighting, security, climate and entertainment under one web-enabled device. Whether you spend time thinking about the iron or the lights, instead of worrying, it’s easy enough to log in and check up on your home.

The HomeRemote Pro base level service is free; that includes local control of modules and accessories, remote monitoring of devices and accessories, and video snapshots from HomeRemote Pro cameras. Up-Level service throws in live video, email/cell phone alters and other features for $10 a month.

Available in February, the HomeRemote Pro Starter Kit will run a very respectable $200.


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