HAI Delivers Wireless Driveway Sensor

The wireless aspect means cable won't have to be trenched for the sensor to be added to your automation system.


It sounds like science fiction, but the technology is real and New Orleans-based control manufacturer Home Automation Inc. (HAI) is using it for its latest product: the HAI wireless Driveway Sensor (63A00-1).

The technology is of course the earth’s magnetic field, and in the case of this new driveway sensor the company is utilizing it as a means to detect metal objects like cars to help alert homeowners when a visitor has driven onto their property.

Custom electronics pros can set the sensor up to turn on outdoor lighting or it can be used as part of a home security system when it’s combined with a video surveillance system.

HAI says that because the unit is wireless, installers won’t have to dig a channel to run underground cable, and through its industrial design, the company has provided installation options for post or wall mounting applications. Check with your local CE pro to see how it can be incorporated into your home automation or security systems.


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