Goji Deadbolt is the Smart Lock That Can Send Picture Alerts

The smart lock has a built-in camera, which can send pictures via text and email.

Goji Smart Lock

Some smart lock products can send emails and texts alerting you to when someone opens the door. Some of those same smart locks can even let you know who is doing the opening and closing. However, the difference between all of those smart locks and the Goji is that this option can actually show you who is coming and going.

That’s because the Goji Smart Lock has a built-in home surveillance camera that can take pictures of whoever is activating the lock. Then, it sends those real-time picture alerts to a user’s text and email. All of that activity and those photos are also stored in a log that’s accessible from the Goji mobile app and the Goji web page.

Of course, the Goji Smart Lock also provides high-tech access to your home, via Bluetooth or WiFi. The Bluetooth means that you can tap into that lock hands-free, but having WiFi allows you to lock and unlock that door from anywhere in the world.

The Goji Smart Lock even allows users to assign day- and time-specific access to friends, family, dog walkers, and others. Those digital keys have bank-level encryption and can’t be transferred, stolen or copied like a traditional key.

Other features include 24/7 customer service to help you unlock the door in an emergency, the option for programmable fobs for those without a smartphone, and the promise of an easy install by removing the two screws holding your current deadbolt and securing the Goji into place. It even has brushed metal and a blue-text LED display, which can welcome users by name.

Currently, the Goji Smart Lock is available in gold, silver and copper finishes, priced at $278 each. That cost includes four lifetime electronic keys and two mechanical backup keys. The company also sells a Goji Smart Lock two-pack so you can secure the front and back door, for just $525.


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