Genie Smart Lock Puts Automated Magic into the Door Handle

The latest smart lock has the option to work with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There are a slew of smart lock options out there. Currently, most smart lock companies put all of that technology into the door’s deadbolt. However, the Genie Smart Lock has created something special by packing all of its automated superpowers into the door handle.

The Genie Smart Lock is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled door handle. Having access to both of those wireless technologies also promises to deliver a super-long battery life.

According to the Genie’s parent company, one of the biggest issues facing Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks is battery life. Technically, the Genie Smart Lock doesn’t spend all of its time (and power) trying to communicate with your Wi-Fi network. Instead, the Genie Hub does that — and relays all of the information back to the lock on your door via Bluetooth. This allows the Genie Smart Lock to have a longer battery life than some of its competitors.

The Genie Smart Lock works with most web-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. Also worth noting is that the Genie Smart Lock can be used as a BLE-only device, which means that it can be used without the Genie Hub. It won’t help with the battery life, but it does make this lock a good fit for those that don’t need the Wi-Fi functionality (or the added expense of the Genie Hub).

Other features include the ability to send and receive Bluetooth keys, access logs to see who last used the lock, and more.

“In developing the Genie Smart Lock, we knew that we had to overcome the battery life issues faced by our competitors,” said Joel McAndrew, the company’s founder. “A battery life of two weeks to three months was simply not acceptable, nor was it an option to make the Genie Smart Lock less user-friendly to conserve battery power. This is when the Genie Hub was born. The Genie Hub allows users all of the benefits of a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart lock while only using the power of a Bluetooth smart lock.”

Currently, the Genie Smart Lock is available for pre-order, priced at $249. That does not include the Genie Hub, which is available bundled with the lock for $329. The Genie Smart Lock also has options for a Bluetooth fob and unlimited eKeys. Check out the company’s website for pricing, as well as purchase information.

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