GE Plans 5 Simple Security Products

The new items include a water leak alarm, a motion sensor, keychain remotes, and more.


Rainy enough for you? It seems like we’ve had a ton of the wet stuff lately. It also seems like the perfect time for a little water damage.

Of course, there’s never a good time for that, which is why Jasco is planning a new water detection product, under its GE brand. The GE Water Leak Alarm (pictured) can report disturbances around water tanks, as well as washing machines, and maybe even save you in major damage costs. At $14.99 (MSRP), it seems like a bit of a no-brainer.

If water is the least of your worries, there are always other security precautions you can take — inexpensive ones. For these purposes, Jasco is releasing four additional products, starting at $14.99.

That starting price belongs to the GE Glass Vibration Alarm. This sensor attaches to any window or glass door surface, and features a little shock sensor.

For a few dollars more, there’s the GE Indoor/Outdoor Alarm with Keypad Activation. For $19.99, this is an easy way to protect items like a truck box, toolshed or detached garage. The weather-resistant device can be programmed with a personal four-digit passcode, and includes selectable alarm delays up to 30 seconds. The GE Indoor/Outdoor Alarm with Keychain Remote is very similar, but includes a keychain remote. It’s also an extra $10, but knocks those alarm delays down to 5 seconds and provides the ability to activate that alarm up to 30 feet away.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the GE Ceiling Mount Motion Sensing Alarm. Designed for indoor use, this $29.99 motion sensor can detect movement up to 18 feet in a field of 360 degrees. Because it has a smoke alarm design, it’s easy to install. It also features a keychain remote for on/off, chime and alarm functions, meaning you don’t have to pull out a ladder every time it needs a tweak.

Jasco says that all four new GE products will be available at retail starting this month.


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