Garmin Unveils Astro GPS Dog Tracking System

Release the hounds! This system can track them so you can easily follow along.


No more wondering where your dog is roaming. Garmin International Inc. has announced the Astro GPS Dog Tracking System, designed specifically for sporting dogs and their owners. The system will be unveiled in conjunction with the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

View more of our CES special coverage The Astro system has two components: the dog’s transmitter (called the DC 20) and the user’s handheld receiver (named the Astro 220). The DC 20 is mounted into a lightweight neoprene harness that straps to the dog’s collar, around its chest, and behind its front legs. Users can also thread the unit directly onto a standard one-inch collar (a third-party e-collar is recommended for proper mounting) so that the unit fits on the back of the dog’s neck.

Once the transmitter and receiver acquire a GPS signal, the receiver automatically lets users know the location of their dog — as well as if Fido is running, sitting, on point, or treeing quarry.

The Astro GPS Dog Tracking System includes a DC 20 transmitter, Astro 220 receiver, harness, user’s manual, power/data cables, Trip & Waypoint Manager CD, and a carrying case.

Check out the site for an interactive demo and a chance to win one.

  • $649.99
  • Available June 2007
  • No subscription or setup fee
  • Boasts minimal configuration
  • Track up to 10 dogs per receiver
  • Location updates as often as every 5 seconds
  • Range of up to 5 miles (on flat, unobstructed terrain)
  • Battery life: 17 hours (collar), greater than 20 hours (receiver)
  • Additional transmitters and receivers sold separately

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