Foscam Prices C1 Wireless HD Camera Under $70

These new home security cameras deliver 720p video, night vision and more.

C1 Indoor HD 720p Home Security Cameras

We’ve seen plenty of home security cameras in all shapes and sizes. We’ve also seen them at a lot of different price points. However, Foscam seems to be going for mass appeal, with its very affordable C1 Indoor HD 720p Camera.

These home security cameras are probably the cheapest option we’ve seen yet. However, if you know anything about Foscam, you’d know there’s nothing “cheap” about their products. This camera promises sharp 720p HD video. It also has H.264 compression for a smoother viewing experience and auto IR-Cut filtering for better color.

Above all, this security option is made to be affordable. It’s also made to combine home security cameras and a built-in web server in one package, so you can access live video from smart devices and web browsers almost anywhere. It’s even compatible with third-party apps, such as Live Cams Pro and TinyCam Monitor.

Other features include night vision up to 26 feet, a 115-degree viewing angle for better coverage, passive infrared (PIR) motion detection, and two-way audio. Like most home security cameras on the market today, the C1 also provides motion detection alerts via email. It even offers image uploads to FTP, free local recording to a 32GB microSD card or hard drive storage, and free Foscam DDNS service for dynamic IP addresses. Foscam says that remote cloud storage is also available for a monthly fee (although a free trial is included with the camera).

And despite the high-tech features, Foscam has given the C1 a plug-and-play design. It can be easily installed and connected to almost any smartphone by simply scanning a QR code.

“The Foscam C1 Indoor HD 720p Camera demonstrates we’re focused on delivering high-quality security solutions at exceedingly affordable prices,” said Adam Ravat, founder and CEO of Foscam.

Foscam is selling C1 Indoor HD 720p Home Security Cameras now, priced at $69.99 each.


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