ezGear Wall Mounts UFO Surge Unit

The new ezSpace Wall Mount UFO makes six outlet options out of this world.


ezGear says that the new Wall Mount UFO is the sixth device in the ezSpace product family.

This UFO sighting probably won’t inspire you to make a mashed potato sculpture, but it will protect some of your most prized electronics.

ezGear just announced the ezSpace Wall Mount UFO, a space-saving surge protector that clings to the wall like a spider monkey and could have guests looking at you like one of the Coneheads.

Despite its funky exterior, the unit can help with your growing electronics setup, providing a total of six outlets, with built-in 1050 Joule surge protection. Other features include an LED indicator and a reset button on the front. There’s also a screw, which can secure the unit in place, even when it’s loaded up.

“The new ezSpace UFO is specially designed to make plugging in anything easy anywhere in your home or office. The new wall mount model is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, family room or home office,” says Charlie Bernstein, ezGear’s president. “I have two in my home, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. I really wanted this for our bathroom, it doesn’t take up any counter space, and now the razor, hair dryer, curling iron and water pick can all be plugged in conveniently.”

He has them now, but you can’t. According to the company, the ezSpace Wall Mount UFO won’t be available until Q2 2009. Each one will sell for $29. The regular ezGear UFO is floating around the web at places like Amazon for $22.


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