Elk’s Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detectors Talk to Each Other

The ELK-6050 has the ability to sound all enrolled smoke detectors in case of an emergency.

We can all agree that smoke detectors are an absolute necessity, correct? However, what if a detector is triggered and you can’t actually hear it?

Elk Products is addressing this potential problem with the new ELK-6050 Two-Way Wireless Sound All Smoke Detector. This wirelessly interconnected smoke detector can actually trigger several smoke detectors during a fire alarm.

It doesn’t matter if the fire is detected by the ELK-6050 or another source. Once detected, Elk’s two-way wireless technology allows ELK M1 Controls to activate the built-in sounders in all of the enrolled smoke detectors.

Powered by 3V Lithium batteries, the ELK-6050 features photoelectric smoke detection technology and boasts rapid “rate-of-rise” and fixed temperature detection. Designed for use with the ELK-M1XRFTW Two-Way Wireless Transceiver for M1 Controls, the ELK-6050 uses the 900MHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum, which promises signal diversity and agility.

Elk Products is selling the ELK-6050 now through all of the company’s authorized distributors. For a list of those installers and retailers, check out the Elk website.

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