DXG Seeing Cam Offers 360-Degree Peek Over Wi-Fi

The latest in the company's line also has 720p video and the option for cloud recording.

DXG's Seeing Cam 110.

If you’re planning to go away at all this summer, you may want to consider setting up a Wi-Fi camera at home. Well, why not? Today’s Wi-Fi cameras are inexpensive and easy to set up. They can also provide a little peace of mind when it comes to the stuff you’ve left behind.

DXG just announced the Seeing Cam, the latest high-definition camera line.

A total of three Seeing Cams are available now, to track motion and audio changes, as well as provide a live peek at homes and businesses from anywhere in the world. Each Seeing Cam works in conjunction with a Wi-Fi network and the company’s free iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets. Each one also has two-way audio, email alerts, and the option for a multi-camera setup.

Speaking of options, DXG also offers cloud recording, which allows users to store and view video anywhere from seven to 30 days, depending on your plan. DXG offers a two-week trial for the service, with seven-day continuous recording costing $8.99 per month and 30-day recording available for $29.99 per month.

As far as the individual cameras, the Seeing Cam 110 has a 360-degree pan, a 90-degree tilt and a 10x zoom. The Seeing Cam 105 and the Seeing Cam 109 have a 10x zoom. Other features include 720p video at 30fps, a 128-degree wide angle lens, night vision, SD card slots, and 256-bit AES encryption.

“Prepping your home for summer travel used to mean stopping the mail and paper, but the Seeing Cam and other connected home devices let us keep a close eye on our homes when we’re away,” said Paul Goldberg, DXG NA’s senior VP of sales and technology. “Seeing Cam is a great everyday product for homes and businesses, letting consumers keep an eye on sleeping babies, connecting with family while at work, monitoring businesses after hours or even sharing the bustle of the business during the day with anyone.”

DXG is selling the Seeing Cam now. The Seeing Cam 110 has an MSRP of $149.99, with both the Seeing Cam 105 and the Seeing Cam 109 selling for $129.99 each.

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