Dropcam to Introduce Sensors and People Detection

Starting this summer, the low-cost security solution will get a lot more high-tech.

Since its initial release back in 2009, Dropcam wireless security camera has been evolving. That’s a good thing, considering the number of security cameras currently on the market. Now, the simple web-enabled camera solution is adding in some pretty high-tech features.

Dropcam will soon introduce sensors and “people detection.” Known as Dropcam Tabs, these sensors can be placed on doors, windows, gates and even valuables. Dropcam Tabs use Bluetooth low energy (BTLE), which seems like a curious choice. (Hello, Z-Wave!) However, they promise to work out of the camera’s sight, up to 100 feet away.

That means that they can also go outside — and have the weatherproofing to make that a good idea.

It should be noted that the Tabs only work with the recently released Dropcam Pro ($199), not the original Dropcam (the $149 model). Once a Tab is placed, it automatically pairs with the camera and can detect things like whether or not a door has been opened, as well as if something’s on the move.

Even more interesting, Dropcam is planning to incorporate “people detection capabilities,” which will be available on all Dropcam models — but not with the free, real-time viewing option. (It’s for paying Cloud Recording customers only!) This allows the Dropcam to determine if a moving object is a person or other thing. In other words, you shouldn’t be getting alerts every time the dog switches positions on the couch.

“This type of video analysis is all based on software, and we already see ways to extend this technology into identifying pets, certain types of objects and even specific people,” says Dropcam’s blog post.

Both the detection features and the Tabs will be available sometime this summer. Dropcam is now taking pre-orders for Dropcam Tabs, which come in black or white. Promising up to two years of use on a pair of coin cell batteries, Dropcam Tabs retail for $29 each.

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