DoorBird Provides Remote Control Over Door-Based Home Security Systems

The product adds features of home security systems to your front door, such as remote AV and remote locking.

DoorBird Smart Doorbell Home Security Systems

Does anyone in your house answer the door blindly, without taking a quick peek? You never know who or what could be lurking behind that door. Well, Bird Home Automation GmbH is releasing something that can make those peeks pretty easy, while adding in a few additional perks for those growing home security systems.

The DoorBird is a new smartphone-connected video doorbell and entry system. The actual device connects to your front door and when someone arrives, the DoorBird will deliver images and audio to any iOS or Android device, over WiFi or remotely via 3G/4G.

Then, you can opt to “answer” the door through your mobile device. If an electronic lock is part of that door setup, you can also unlock the door from the DoorBird app, if needed.

Another interesting perk is that the DoorBird doesn’t even wait for the visitor to ring the bell to start showing video. This means you can peek whenever you like. That said, if someone does put their finger on the button, the unit will take a photo, even if you aren’t available to answer.

Other features include a wide-angle hemispheric lens that boasts a 180-degree viewing angle, infrared night vision, and the option to keep a record of the last 20 callers. It can even withstand some of that rain, snow, heat and frost, so you won’t have to worry about leaving the DoorBird device outdoors.

It even has a motion detector and the option to add on BirdGuard cameras, making it a cool alternative to some of the home security systems currently on the market. Bird Home Automation plans to add support for additional smart home devices and standards, such as Apple’s HomeKit, in the near future. The company will also offer a cloud-based storage service for an additional fee.

Bird Home Automation is currently taking pre-orders for both products. DoorBird home security systems are priced at $299, with BirdGuard cameras going for $199 each. Once the system ships, the DoorBird will go up another $50. That price is exclusively for the white version, with steel and brass options costing another $29.

DoorBird Smart Doorbell Home Security Systems


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