DMP Releases Wireless Smoke Detectors

The new 1161 and 1162 each use 2-way communication to confirm whole-house communication.


Digital Monitoring Products has some hot news. The company has announced two new products: the 1161 Smoke Detector with Sounder and the 1162 Smoke/Heat Detector with Sounder.

The units are part of DMP’s two-way wireless line, which includes receivers, intrusion detectors, residential fire, PIR motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, panic transmitters, pendants, and key fobs.

Contact your local installer for more details and pricing info.

  • Used with 1100D series receivers
  • Used with XRSuper6, XR20 & XR40 control panels
  • 1162 provides a built-in fixed & rate-of-rise heat detector

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