DIY Door Lock Provides Keyless Entry

The new Schlage Electronic Keypad doesn't need keys -- or a professional installation.


There are a lot of ways to get rid of your keys. You could go the old-fashioned route and leave them in the couch, lock them in your car, or drop them down a sewer. Or you could do something fun and install the Schlage Electronic Keypad lock.

The lock comes programmed with two unique codes. Homeowners have the option to add another 17 entry codes, for your parents, neighbors and even the pizza guy. Not sure if I’d want 17 ways to get into my house. However, it’s a nice option if you have that many people you’d like to provide with unique access for a limited time.

The best part about the keypad: Anyone can install it. It uses a 9-volt battery and is ready to lock up your valuables right out of the box.

Electronic deadbolts are also available.

  • $119 to $139
  • No hardwiring; uses 9-volt battery
  • Fits standard residential door openings
  • Offered in eight finishes

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