Danalock Smart Lock Has Love for Bluetooth and Z-Wave

The new product can manage door locks using iOS and Android smartphones.

These days, there are a variety of different smart lock products that use different home technologies. For instance, the August Smart Lock and the Goji Smart Lock both use Bluetooth, while options from Yale Real Living and Kwikset use the power of Z-Wave. The Danalock has a little love for both.

Poly-Control’s new smart lock offers both Bluetooth and Z-Wave compatibility and works with iOS and Android smartphones.

Like several smart locks currently on the market, the Danalock fits where your existing deadbolt lives and doesn’t need any special attachments. Once installed, it allows you to lock and unlock your home from almost anywhere, using the compatible app for iOS and Android devices. It even allows for “virtual keys,” so you can give friends, family and anyone else limited-time access. In case you’re feeling extra friendly, the Danalock can keep a log of who is coming and going.

However, the real hook is that the Danalock has support for Bluetooth and Z-Wave. The Bluetooth means it’s compatible with any and all smartphones. However, the Z-Wave support makes it compatible with popular home automation systems such as Wink, Mi CasaVerde Vera, Zipato and others. The company even plans to add support for Apple HomeKit and Logitech Harmony very soon.

Other features include patent-pending multilayer AES encrypted data transfer encryption, the “Knock to Unlock” feature which uses phone proximity, and the option for silver and antique bronze finishes.

“From the beginning, Poly-Control’s mission was to deliver a smart lock with the everyday consumer in mind, by being user-friendly, convenient, and full-featured; built with advanced security for peace of mind; and can expand to work with the most popular home automation systems,” said Henning Overgaard, CEO of Poly-Control. “Today, we are very pleased to offer Danalock, which hits on every mark, including an option for seamless integration with Z-Wave smart home gateways — and all at a price that fits most people’s wallet.”

Poly-Control is selling the Danalock now, with an MSRP of $179. There’s also a Bluetooth-only version available for $20 less.

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