D-Link Presents D-Life Internet Surveillance

The Internet Surveillance Start Kit and Surveillance Expansion Kit are part of D-Link's D-Life Product Family and give you monitoring access via a web interface.

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D-Link's D-Life Internet Surveillance Starter Kit

The advent of Internet cameras is making it easy for anyone to install a surveillance system these days. The latest IP-based offering in this category comes from D-Link, which is kicking off its D-Life product family with the DHA-390 Internet Surveillance Starter Kit.

The kit includes an Internet camera and two Powerline networking adapters — does it get any easier than that? — which let you monitor your home from a simple web-based interface. You’ll get email alert snapshots, live video monitoring over the web and the ability to share camera feeds.

To add cameras, D-Link is shipping its D-Life Internet Surveillance Expansion Kit (DHA-310) that has a single camera and powerline adapter.

The D-Life cameras plug into your home’s existing power outlets to connect to the home network router and then out to the Internet. To set up the Starter Kit, you connect one of the Powerline adapters to the router and then to a nearby power outlet. Plug in the second Powerline adapter with the camera into any other power outlet on the same circuit in the home, and bingo, you can start monitoring.

You can go to www.d-life.com to set up your user account and enter the products that will be part of your D-Life — your digital lifestyle, courtesy of D-Link.

As a connected product in the share-happy web world, D-Link is touting some advantages of its D-Life products as including:

  • On the D-Life website the user will be able to purchase services associated with their products, including minutes for phone usage, storage for video captured from the Internet Surveillance Cameras
  • Connect with other D-Life users using Internet phones, instant messaging and Internet voice mailbox
  • Allow other D-Life users to share their products, including the remote viewing of security camera video

MSRP on the starter kit is $499; for the expansion kit it’s $399.


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