D-Link Dome Camera Has PoE Support

Discreet solution includes alarm relays, protects against tampering.

D-Link DCS-6110

Equipped with PoE support2, D-Link's DCS-6110 can receive both power and data over a single Ethernet cable.

As far as we know, you don’t live in Fort Knox. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the same protection.

D-Link’s DCS-6110 may not be suitable for your gold bar collection, but it should catch meddling kids and other intruders in any mischievous acts.

Designed for indoor use, this IP-based camera supports simultaneous dual streaming of MPEG-4 and MJPEG. It also has 802.3af PoE (power over Ethernet) support and the built-in Samba client for NAS, which means no PC is needed.

Users can also view a live video feed from any web-enabled cell phone with the 3GPP player installed. Also, the dome aspects make it as discreet as the “eye in the sky” at your favorite casino — and how often do you notice that? The construction also helps to protect it against tampering.

The D-Link DCS-6110 is available now through D-Link’s network of retail outlets, value-added resellers, solution providers and distributors, or at the company’s online store, for $699.


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