Cartell’s DriveGuard Ultra Puts a Spotlight on Driveway Security

The stand-alone driveway alert system also includes floodlight control.

Lighting can play a really big part in any security setup. However, sometimes a few spotlights are all you need to deter intruders. That’s the idea behind the DriveGuard Ultra system.

This newly announced product doesn’t just scare off strangers when they creep up on your property. It can also welcome you home. It has a 15-amp floodlight relay that can deliver 1,800 watts of light from a single circuit, if needed. Then when you drive up at night, lights both inside and outside will automatically go on, so you won’t be fumbling and stumbling to get into the house.

Because you probably don’t want the same treatment during the daytime, the DriveGuard Ultra has a photocell that attaches to any window via double-sided tape. This lets the system know that it’s daytime, so you won’t waste any energy — and give anyone any reason to think that you’re not home.

The DriveGuard Ultra is made up of three components: a sensor probe that’s buried beside and toward the end of the driveway, a control unit inside the home, and electronic sounders that may be installed anywhere in and around the property. Users can also interact with the control unit to turn lights on and off manually, as well as turn the sensor probe off on command.

“Imagine never having to return home to a dark house, drive up a dark driveway, or enter a dark home again,” said Jonathan Bohannon, president and CEO of Preferred Technologies Group, maker of Cartell. “With Cartell, we take the fear out of returning home alone and at night.”

Although Cartell hasn’t listed an official MSRP, the DriveGuard Ultra is currently selling on HomeTech Solutions for $261.95 (with a list price of $450).

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