Canary Packs Security Camera and Health Monitoring into Slim Device

The all-in-one monitoring system features a security camera, sensors, cloud storage and much more.


Back in 2013, the Canary crushed its Indiegogo campaign, raising over $1.9 million. Earlier this month, the company started shipping products out to those initial backers. Now, the Canary is ready to spread its wings and gain a much larger audience.

The Canary is an all-in-one home security device. It combines a security camera, a 90+dB siren, and much more. Some of that “more” includes the ability to monitor air quality, temperature and humidity using internal sensors. That security camera is key, since it has the ability to capture 1080p HD video, with a 147-degree wide-angle lens, night vision, and audio.

However, what really sets the Canary security camera apart are things like a 3-axis accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, and capacitive touch. It even offers motion-activated recording. The company says that the system can also learn your preferences over time, so it won’t be sending you a notification every time the dog jumps on the couch.

Despite being pretty complex, the Canary is insanely compact and easy to set up. Just place the device wherever you want it, download the iOS/Android app, and connect it to the web.

Other features include an auto-arm/disarm option, video alerts for your favorite portable, and free cloud recording.

The Canary security camera comes with a Basic plan, which offers the motion-activated alerts, video recording in Armed mode, access to events from the last 12 hours, and the option to save up to five clips in the cloud. There are also three professional monitoring plans available for a fee. For $9 per month, you’ll get seven days of cloud video storage, video recording while armed or disarmed, and the option to save up to 50 clips. For $19 per month, those perks go up to 30 days of cloud storage and 100 saved clips, with call center monitoring. The premium plan bumps those numbers up to 90 days of storage and 250 saved clips.

Currently, the Canary is available for pre-order in black, silver and white. Priced at $249, it’s scheduled to start shipping sometime next month.

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