Brickhouse Car Camera Catches Bad Driving

New camera/DVR combo hooks to rear view mirror to record driving accidents and other action.


Brickhouse's mobile DVR and built-in 2.5-inch LCD screen provides instant playback of recorded audio and video footage.

The kids have their video systems, so why can’t you have a little auto toy as well? Oh yeah — the driving. Well, Brickhouse allows you to add something cool into the car, while actually promoting safety.

See the Camera Recorder Pro packs a camera and digital video recorder right into the car. Gizmodo says that there’s a 2.5-inch screen in the rear view mirror, with a camera mounted on the back. As soon as you start the car, all of your driving action or jackassery will be recorded onto an SD card.

Check out the accident footage below. It looks kind of cool — unless you get hit from behind, of course.

The setup runs $449.95, which includes a free 1GB SD card.


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