Black & Decker Automates Door Locks

The company is showing off its Kwikset and Baldwin products at CES 2009.

Black & Decker Locks

Black & Decker should have its automated locks in stores by summer.

Fumbling with keys is not very high-tech. That’s why Black & Decker has developed a few new automated door locks under its Kwikset and Baldwin brands.

Designed to tie into your home control and/or security system, each of the locks will feature remote locking and unlocking, door status notification and automatic arming and disarming. Each product will also include SmartKey, which allows users to quickly re-lock the door for added security.

One other nifty feature is that you can tap into the system via the web. No more wondering whether or not you locked up. You can check the door, and if it’s not locked, you can take care of business with one click.

No hardwiring is needed, either. The products will operate on AA batteries. If you do have hardwired systems, Black & Decker is working on partnerships with AMX, Control4, Crestron, DSC, Exceptional Innovation, GE Security, HAI, and I-Control, among others.

Black & Decker has been talking about its locks for a bit, so we were kind of sad that they didn’t announce product names or prices. However, you can expect products to come (hopefully) by this summer.


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