August Smart Lock Allows Entry via Bluetooth

The latest smart lock option is now available for pre-order.


No one likes to fumble with keys. Thankfully, there a lot of companies out there looking to free up your hands (and your pocket) with a variety of smart door locks. A new company named August is hoping that you’ll make room on your front door for its upcoming lock option.

Like a lot of the smart locks currently on the market, the August is designed to provide keyless entry to your home or office. That means that you won’t have to worry about any lost keys. It uses reliable Bluetooth technology, but the company also promises encrypted locking technology, so your code can’t be copied.

The August lock also has an option to create temporary key codes. That means if you’re looking to let in the neighbor, a deliveryman, or a baby-sitter, you can create a special code that works 24/7 or just for a few hours a week.

Other features include auto-unlock for when you’re walking up, alerts, log records, and always-on operation. The latter means that even if you have a power outage, the August will keep running via battery power.

Right now, there’s no exact word on when the August will be available. (We don’t think that the name has anything to do with the target date.) For now, you’ll have to settle on “later this year.” However, if you’re willing to wait, you can reserve your very own August lock for $199. [via Gizmodo Australia and SlashGear]


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