August Connect Puts the Company’s Smart Lock on the Web

The $50 dongle expands the reach and the features of the popular smart lock.

August Connect Smart Lock add-on

We’ve seen a lot of smart lock devices lately. All of them allow some type of access that doesn’t involve a traditional key. One of the most popular options has been the August Smart Lock.

A lot of that popularity has to do with the August’s slick design. However, the one thing that could keep you from purchasing this lock is its limited connectivity. The August uses Bluetooth, which means you have to be near the lock to activate it—and there’s no checking in on it from the office, the beach, or wherever else you want to do that.

Well, August didn’t seem to like that aspect either, so they’re adding the August Connect. This $50 dongle works in conjunction with the August Smart Lock, adding in remote access as well as integration with other smart devices in the home.

Just plug the August Connect into any power outlet and connect it to your home’s WiFi network. Once it’s set up, the Connect will add new features to the August Smart Lock, including the ability to remotely check in on locks, get notifications, and even open and close that lock for guests.

The company also recently released its private API, which means that third-party devices can now integrate with the August Smart Lock. For instance, the lock works with the Nest, so that users can start warming or cooling a house as soon as the door is unlocked. It can even put the Nest into Away mode, once the house is locked up. August is also planning other smart home options, with plans in the works for SmartThings and Logitech Harmony products.

“With August Connect, August is expanding the range of functionality for our users, delivering new experiences around secure, intelligent access to the home,” said Jason Johnson, CEO and co-founder of August. “While the existing Bluetooth connectivity in the August Smart Lock allows it to be a truly offline, independent device, August Connect enhances that core offering with new benefits such as real time and WiFi Internet connectivity.”

The August Connect is currently on back-order, but should start shipping by the end of this month. You can reserve one now for $49.99. The August Smart Lock is sold separately, with an MSRP of $249.95


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