Adds Remote Video

The monitoring system now allows subscribers to catch peak moments from anywhere with web access. Video's offering can send alarm or motion-triggered video clips to the user's cell phone or PDA in real-time.

Now customers have a spot to bookmark and call their very own — sort of. The security service has launched Video, which will provide a peek into choice moments in a day in the life of your home and/or business from anywhere on the web.

Instead of fumbling through hours of footage, email and other web accounts on your cell’s tiny keypad, the new offering provides easy access to live video from one or more cameras, as well as videos that were recorded when motion was detected. See the photo to the left? It’s just frightening, but yes — it is one of the features. If your kids are kicking back from a hard day at school with a round of Schnapps, the system can be set up to record video catching them in the act. The system can even email or text an alert with shots of little Billy’s shots as well.

Another nice feature: You won’t need to add a DVR or other storage device into your setup. All video is stored in a secure offsite location.

There’s no word on how much the add-on will add on to your monthly bill. You’ll need to contact a representative to get pricing info.


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