AC Adapter Spy Cam: Cool and Sneaky

Ajoka is putting another set of eyes into your wall outlet.


The Ajoka Charger DVR Hidden Camera plugs into any existing wall outlet.

Looking for another way to snoop on employees and loved ones?

For the truly parnoid and nerdy, there’s Ajoka’s Charger DVR Hidden Camera. ChipChick says you just plug the thing into an outlet, and it can record video to an internal Micro SD card. Pretty sneaky, sis…

An SD card holds 2GB, or about 66 hours of audio and video. It’s also not included. It does include, however, real-time recording at 15 frames per second in the 3GP video format.

If your prey thinks they can one-up you by pulling the plug, well, they’d better submerge it in water as well. The unit takes a licking and keeps on ticking — up to three hours after it’s pulled from the wall.

One other thing that was covert: the pricing. We couldn’t find it listed anywhere in the company’s lengthy price list.


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