9 Smart Security Apps

Got an APPetite for protection? Here are 9 of our favorite mobile options.


Homeowners are taking security into their own hands. Of course, we’re not talking about that baseball bat under the bed. Instead, the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones have changed the way that people view security — literally.

Today, homeowners can call up the home or office and get a quick peek, flip on lights and make sure the doors are locked. Some apps even create a two-way experience, letting homeowners know when someone has entered the house or touched that most prized possession.

“Most home security companies are offering real-time email and text message alerts whenever security systems detect an abnormality. You can also use the app to check in at any time and see your home via the security cameras stationed around the house,” says Brian Gibson, president and founder of Elite Media Solutions out of Wellesley, Mass. “For people who just want a little bit of extra security, without the alarm company, there are many mobile applications that are compatible with all built-in or standard USB webcams.”

Solutions are available for all property and budget sizes. Think you can’t justify that new smartphone or an iPad? Here are nine apps that make that crave-worthy smart phone essential to your home’s security.


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