University of Tokyo Researchers Show Off AR-Based Lighting System

The Lighty prototype promises easy, precise lighting control.


System overview.

There are a lot of lighting control options out there. Some are designed for the whole house; and some just offer control over one light. Of course, there are lighting controls for just about every budget as well.

However, researchers at the University of Tokyo are working on precise lighting control with a system called Lighty. Lighty is an augmented reality-based interface, allowing users to create lighting control almost anywhere in a room.

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The system features a variety of lights and a camera, as well as a software interface that can be accessed on a tablet or other smart device. From there, users can “draw” how they want the lighting control to look — and have it translate to the room.

According to The Future of Things, the Lighty demo includes 12 LED lights with “3 degrees of freedom,” so that the lights can be distributed just about anywhere in the room. Although there’s no immediate plans to market Lighty, researchers have a working demo that you can check out in the video below.

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