Smart Film Turns Existing Window from Clear to Opaque

A retrofittable, DIY option for windows that darken automatically.


We’ve seen smart windows at trade shows and in high-end homes. You touch a button on a remote and the window magically turns from clear to opaque to provide sunblocking and privacy. These solutions have historically required the installation of a special electronically charged pane of glass—a solution that’s out of the financial comfortable zone of most people.

At CES Aeon Labs demonstrated a new technology that will allow homeowners to add tinting functionality to their existing windows. The product, expected to be available later this year, is a 0.7mm thick sheet of what appears to be a plastic material that can be cut to suit the size of any window. It simply adheres to the existing glass. Still under development, the film will likely include a thin electrical wire that plugs into an AC outlet. A small module would also attach to allow the Smart Film to communicate over a Z-Wave network. (Aeon Labs makes a number of other Z-Wave devices including motion sensors, light switches and keyfobs and remotes.

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The same glass pane with the smart film shown clear and opaque.

According to company senior business developer Daniel Dykes, Z-Wave compatibility would allow the Smart-Film to be controlled from a remote or to alter its transparency automatically via a signal from a motion sensor. No word on what Smart Film might cost.

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