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Philips Brightens Hue Line with Bloom Lamps and LightStrips

The new options are part of the company's Friends of Hue product line.

A look at what the Friends of Hue can do for you.

Apparently, Philips has done pretty well with its Hue lighting line. Now the company is announcing plans to expand on the Hue ecosystem with a pair of new products. The LivingColors Bloom and LightStrips products will be part of the Friends of Hue product line.

The Friends of Hue product line is designed to bring more colors and more lighting control options into the home.

LivingColors Bloom is an upcoming lamp. Big deal, right? Well, this lamp is both compact and portable. Just place it anywhere in the home for a splash of color.

Even more impressive is the LightStrips lighting option. This comes packaged as a 6.6-foot strip of flexible lighting that can be attached almost anywhere via its adhesive backing. This product sounds pretty perfect for home theater use, whether it’s used as an accent or a way to guide guests to seats. Because it’s flexible, LightStrips are easy to place and also easy to cut to size.

The original Hue product is a smart LED bulb that can screw into any existing bulb socket. From there, it operates via your home’s Wi-Fi network and a little bridge add-on. Once connected, the Hue can be controlled from any iOS or Android device, using the free Hue app.

The Philips Hue LightStrips will have an MSRP of $89.95, with the Bloom priced at $79.95. Both will be available starting this Thursday, as an exclusive to the Apple Retail Store and Apple Online Store.

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