New LiteTouch System for Smaller-Scale Lighting Control Projects

The kORE CCU offers visible control panel and conditional programming.


LiteTouch’s latest lighting control system, the kORE CCU (Central Control Unit) will be available in May 2012 for “smaller” lighting control installations and features an on-screen diagnostic display for easier programming. The new mid-range alternative to LiteTouch’s modular add-on FIVEk system will replace the Standard CCU. It will offer conditional programming capabilities and can handle 2,048 lighting loads and 256 keypads, according to Angie Larson, vice president of sales and marketing at LiteTouch.

The new kORE CCU will be able to be installed into existing LiteTouch systems when upgraded functionality is desired, including Ethernet integration, complex programming, and wireless compatibility. The system can be wired or wireless.

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The diagnostic LCD display is on the front of the processor and remains visible with the lighting control panel closed. The display also allows for a faster upload and diagnostic adjustments, as CE (custom electronics) pros do not have to connect with laptop computers.

Remote antennas are wired to the processor via Category 5 Ethernet cabling as far as 1,000 feet away. The antennas then send a wireless signal to switches and keypads.

Remote access is available through an iPhone, giving you information such as overall system status and how many lights are on in the home.

Conditional programming of the kORE system can adjust dimming levels, for instance, if 90 percent of the lights are on in the house. Larson says budgets can also be set on energy usage, and users can receive email alerts when they are about to exceed a certain preset limit.


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