Lutron Launches AuroRa Security Lighting Package

The security package for AuroRa turns the lighting on full bright and flashes entry lights for a more effective visual alert.

Lutron AuroRa

Lutron's AuroRa system has been enhanced with a security package.

Lutron Electronics now offers a security package for its AuroRa wireless lighting control system. The package provides consumers visual alerts to neighbors and rescue vehicles during in-home emergencies.

In the event of an alarm, all indoor lights controlled by the AuroRa lighting control system will turn on to full bright, while all of the entry lights controlled by the system will flash. In large neighborhoods and remote rural areas, this visual alert can shave minutes off a rescue team’s response time, says Lutron.

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The AuroRa system was designed as a low-cost, simplified, radio frequency (RF)-based lighting control system that lets homeowners create a safe path of light into, and throughout the home from the car, patio and bedside. This pre-programmed system gives users the ability to enjoy the safety, simplicity and comfort of lighting control without any installation hassles, setup or programming, according to the company.

Available now with a suggested list price of $950, Lutron says the AuroRa security package contains:

  • Five wall dimmers (styled like a traditional toggle light switch)
  • Five designer wallplate inserts (to allow for use with designer-style wallplates)
  • One tabletop master control (to control lights from inside the home)
  • One wireless controller (to control lights from inside the car)
  • One security interface (links AuroRa system to a security system)

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