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Lutron Adds HomeWorks Control to Sivoia Shade System

The same radio-frequency-based control used in the company's lighting control can now control the Sivoia QED 64 roller shade system.


Lighting and shade control for all! Lutron Electronics has announced wireless, radio frequency-based communication for its Sivoia QED roller 64 roller shade system, when used with its HomeWorks lighting control system.

The RF means that existing homes can easily have the product installed, without having to rip up floors and tears down walls.

View more of our CES special coverageThe Sivoia QED roller 64 provides quiet control of both roller and Roman shades. Lutron’s HomeWorks home lighting control system provides one-button control of every light in the house. When used together, all of a home’s natural and artificial light can be controlled with one, or several, button(s).

  • Requires a HomeWorks wireless P5 processor or the 4 or 8 series processor (if used with the hybrid repeater link)
  • The wireless Sivoia QED shade communicates via RF
  • Roller shade tube requires 3.5 x 3.5 inches for installation
  • Maximum shade size is approximately 8 x 8 feet
  • Minimum shade width remains at 22 inches

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