LightFreq Combines Color and Sound into Smart Bulb

The new lighting option also offers notifications, intercom features, party modes, and more.

We’ve seen a lot of smart bulbs. Some have color and some have sound. However, one company is hoping to stand out by combining those two features (and several others) into the LightFreq.

LightFreq can put a burst of music and color into any ordinary light socket. It’s an LED bulb that has a built-in speaker, as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and the option for up to 16 million colors.

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It’s important to note that all of LightFreq’s features will work independently, just in case you’re only in the mood for music or a splash of color.

Like several other smart bulbs, the LightFreq has its own app for iOS and Android devices. This allows users to control the light levels, volume levels, and even the hue and color. It even offers a strobe effect that can pulse to the beat of whatever music you’re playing. According to the company, you can control up to 50 LightFreqs with one smartphone or tablet.

In addition to light, color and sound, the LightFreq can alert users to calls via text and a flash of color. It even has an intercom feature, so you can speak into your smartphone and have it transmitted to LightFreq bulbs around the home.

LightFreq is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, with plans to bring the product to backers by February 2015. Currently, all of the $55 early-bird offers are gone, but you can still stake claim on a LightFreq if you make a minimum pledge of $70 by September 4, 2014.

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