LIFX Puts WiFi into White 800 LED Light Bulbs for $39.99

These smart LED light bulbs are the company's most affordable solution to date.

LIFX Puts WiFi into White 800 LED Light Bulbs for $39.99

Automated lighting is becoming an extremely popular option in the Electronic House. After all, it’s so easy to install smart LED light bulbs. They screw into any existing light socket and if you don’t like one bulb’s features, there are plenty of other options out there. It’s crazy how many different types of smart bulbs are available these days. That said, despite ease of use and availability, not all of these lighting solutions are affordable.

LIFX wants to make smart LED light bulbs something for the masses, so they’ve introduced the White 800. This latest release is the company’s most affordable smart bulb solution to date.

And that one purchase price can deliver instant, automated lighting, because the White 800 doesn’t need any sort of hub or other add-ons. Instead, it relies on a built-in, low-power WiFi solution from Qualcomm Atheros Inc., to make all of the automated magic.

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According to LIFX, the White 800 provides the option to choose between rich warm to cool white lights, has 890 bright shining lumens (a 60-watt equivalent), and can even support the AllSeen Alliance’s open source software framework.

With connection options available through “Powered by LIFX” software and the cloud, the LIFX White 800 can be accessed from anywhere in the world. These smart LED light bulbs also support IFTTT (“If This Then That”), which means that you can create automation “recipes” that tie into your new automated lighting system—and can even connect those lights with things like the weather, calendars, social networks, and more.

“The Internet of Things connects devices in your home,” says Marc Alexander, LIFX’s CEO. “Your TV dims your lights when the movie starts, PC games adjust room lighting in real-time to match gameplay. Even your appliances can alert you by subtly blinking a light bulb in a distant room.”

LIFX is selling the White 800 now, priced at $39.99 each.


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