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LIFX Brightens Up Light Bulb Lineup with Color 1000

The latest in smart LED light bulbs includes built-in WiFi and a compact form factor.

LIFX Color 1000 LED Light Bulbs

Looking to create something different with that lighting scheme? There are plenty of smart LED light bulbs that can add a splash of color into just about any room. The latest is the LIFX Color 1000.

The Color 1000 is an A19-sized bulb, so it should fit into a lot of the light fixtures you currently have around the house. However, just because it’s more compact doesn’t mean the company has dimmed down the brightness—not even just a little bit. When it comes to LED light bulbs, the Color 1000′s 1,055 lumens make this product a shining standout.

It also has color—about 16 million of them, actually. According to LIFX, that number includes 1,000 different shades of white light. Users can tweak the color of the Color 1000 to match almost any mood, room, or decor, all without a hub or extra hardware. Each bulb also features built-in WiFi, as well as the ability to set scenes and schedules so you can have your ideal lighting scheme automatically.

All of those tweaks can be made through the LIFX app, which is free for iOS, Apple Watch, Android, and Windows users. LIFX has even made the Color 1000 compatible with Cortana (Windows 10) and Alexa (Amazon Echo), so you can operate the lights using the sound of your voice.

LIFX has made these products with the smart home in mind, so you can expect the Color 1000 to integrate with plenty of other devices in the Electronic House. Currently, the company’s lineup works with Google Nest, Logitech’s Harmony Remote, Samsung’s SmartThings, and IFTTT (“If This Then That”).

“As the DIY home decorating movement has grown, so too have the associated costs,” said Marc Alexander, CEO of LIFX. “With the new LIFX Color 1000, you can put down the paintbrush and control your color via an app at a fraction of the cost of buying new materials.”

LIFX Color 1000 LED Light Bulbs are available now, priced at $59.99 each.

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