Interactive Angry Birds Brightens Up Christmas Display

One ambitious DIYer turned his game addiction into something special for the holidays.


Angry Birds are truly everywhere. If you don’t agree, you’ve obviously never played — and we’re not sure that we’d wish that addiction on anyone.

A few of you are probably planning to stuff Angry Birds-themed gifts (like this one) under the tree this year. If you want to refrain, you can still get a little angry and rejoice in the interactive Christmas lights display listed below.

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Based on the insanely popular Rovio game, YouTube user kumbaric has set up his home to be one giant video game. If that user name looks familiar, it’s because kumbaric has about 2.5 million views on his previous Guitar Hero Christmas Light game.

Like that one, the Angry Birds display uses a controller to operate the madness. TechCrunch says that the controls are actually long enough to reach cars out on the street. The owner says that the entire setup includes two computers, 10 Light-o-rama 16 channel controllers, and more than 20,000 lights.

If you happen to be driving by this California home, you can also catch the audio on 99.1 FM. For those that can’t make it, there’s an awesome video demo below.


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