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Insteon Announces Keypad Dimmer with Dual-Band

The upcoming lighting option uses traditional powerline and RF.

Insteon is tweaking a bit of its user-friendly lighting line. The company just introduced a Keypad Dimmer with patented dual-band technology.

The Insteon Keypad Dimmer can replace an existing light switch, so users can remotely control lights and appliances all over the house — all from a single keypad.

The keypad uses traditional powerline and RF to deliver easy, reliable lighting control. It has a status LED that alternates red and green, depending on the states and programming modes. It also has an enhanced internal power supply that can handle voltages from 100 to 270 VAC, 50/60 Hz, which means that even areas with “dirty” power can be paired with the Keypad Dimmer.

Other features include a decorator-style wallplate, four scene buttons, custom etching and a built-in dimmer.

Designed to work with a variety of dimmable LED bulbs, the Keypad Dimmer should be shipping soon. That said, Insteon has yet to announce an exact release date or pricing for the product.

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