I Want These Lights: Vela OLED Chandelier

Cool form factor and eco-friendly, these fixtures make a statement.


I really don’t pay attention to light fixtures unless they look really, really cool. Although I haven’t seen WAC Lighting’s new Vela chandelier and wall sconces first hand, the photo of the products installed in a kitchen was enough to grab my attention. It’s the interesting, flat shape that makes them stand out most visually. They are so thin they don’t even look much like lights at all.

The fixtures employ Organic LED (OLED) technology to maintain a super low profile and to consumer less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. The Vela OLED chandelier is comprised of two pair of 12 OLED panels the illuminate both the surface below and shine upward to make the ceiling look taller than it really is. Made of laser-crafted aluminum, it outputs 2,040 lumens but uses just 58 watts of power. Aircraft cables suspend it from the ceiling, and offer a height adjustment of up to 36 inches.

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Available for installation on a wall are the Vela OLED sconces. Again, with a super-thin profile that resembles nothing of a traditional wall sconce. Four square panels are connected in the center and are attached to two OLED panels on the ends. It provides wide, even illumination, which is ideal for hallways or a decorative focal point. The brushed aluminum fixture uses 16.4 watt and delivers 510 lumens.

Both models feature instant on/off and dimming capabilities, mercury-free composition and 10,000 hour lifespan.

The Vela luminaires are made to order directly from WAC Lighting, 800-526-2588, or sales@waclighting.com


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