GiiNii Combines Lighting and Music in AudioBulb

The new wireless music and LED lighting system can support iPods and iPhones.


Another company has come up with the bright idea of combining lighting with music. GiiNii International has just announced the AudioBulb.

Like the recently announced Terra LuminSound and its predecessors, the AudioBulb combines music with an LED lighting fixture. The AudioBulb, however, literally looks like a lightbulb. Screw it in and this patented system can deliver music all over the house, wherever those bulbs may be.

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Using an iPod, iPhone or other auxiliary input-compatible device as its main music source, it can be controlled by a stand-alone base unit. If you put two bulbs in one room, GiiNii says you’ve got yourself an instant stereo setup.

No additional wiring or programming is needed. The AudioBulb fits into any standard lamp socket. From there, just connect the audio source to the included base unit. It features a 30-pin dock connector for Apple devices, as well as the aforementioned auxiliary input.

GiiNii says that one system can accommodate up to eight AudioBulb bulbs, which can be configured into two separate listening zones. Zones can be compiled in one room or around the house, allowing for different volume levels or music in some rooms while others are silent.

Promising a signal range of 50 to 100 feet (depending on the setup), the AudioBulb package includes two bulbs, the stand-alone base unit, a remote, lamp accessories, an auxiliary-in cable and a power cord.

The AudioBulb is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, with an MSRP of $299.99. Other AudioBulb bulbs are also available for $99.99 each.


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