FX Luminaire Luxor Uses Wi-Fi for Lighting Control

The new landscape lighting setup works with smartphones and tablets.

Having some type of lighting system outside is just as important as having it indoors. It can call attention to your landscaping skills, keep prowlers at bay, and even guide you to the front door without injury.

FX Luminaire is making that outdoor lighting system easier to operate with the Luxor Wi-Fi system. This is a new lighting system that uses Wi-Fi, an app, and your favorite iOS and Android devices.

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The Luxory Wi-Fi system includes a Wi-Fi module to link all of your Luxor ZD controllers to iOS and Android devices, as well as the Light Assignment Module (LAM) and the new indoor face-pack mount for inside the home or garage.

“Luxor Wi-Fi gives users the ability to set their lighting levels as needed, right from their phone. For example, the lights can be initiated immediately when walking outside to have dinner or going to the pool, then dimmed to set a mood, then returned to the normal schedule later,” said James Helms, FX Luminaire product manager. “Luxor lighting extends the living space into the outdoors, but the new Wi-Fi capability makes it so much more flexible. Users can change and adjust lighting themes instantly, which is perfect for all types of entertaining occasions.”

FX Luminaire is now selling the Luxor Wi-Fi system, with the app available at the iTunes store. An Android version of the app is expected to follow sometime next month.

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