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Free Special Report: Smart Home Lighting Automation

Enjoy smart lighting and motorized shades in your home

Home Lighting Automation

Smart lighting and shades take many forms, from energy efficient light bulbs, wireless light switches and motorized window treatments to complete home lighting automation systems.

Automated lighting and shade systems are something every homeowner can appreciate, and they’re easier and more affordable to add to a home than most people think. There are options for professional installation as well as simple do-it-yourself products. This special report explains many of the benefits of adding light and shade control and offers suggestions and examples on how you can update your own home.

Learning more about smart lighting control systems is something any homeowner can benefit from, whether you’re ready to take the leap tomorrow, or are planning ahead for the future. It always pays to be a smart consumer. In this Electronic House Special Report we explain how to get started with lighting and shade control, what the many benefits are and how customized lighting and shade solutions can simplify your life.

Of course, there’s also the question of whether you should do any of this yourself or whether you should hire a custom electronics professional. This free report outlines the pros and cons of each to make a tricky decision a snap. So don’t try to make up your mind on your own, let our experts help you decide!


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